Renewable Energy in Arizona ☀️

APS has committed to generating 45% renewable energy in Arizona by 2030! Currently APS generates 13% of the utilitie’s energy from renewable sources, making this 10 year pledge a true commitment. 

SRP has an overall commitment of offering 65% carbon-free electricity by 2030, with 45% of this energy being created from renewable energy. In 2050 the utility is aiming to offer 100% carbon-free energy!

APS is among six other utilities around the United States who have committed to the goal of 100% clean energy. These utilities being: Avista (2045), Duke Energy (2050), Green Mountain Power (2025), Idaho Power (2045), Public Service Company of New Mexico (2040), and Xcel Energy (2050). 

This path of clean energy was sparked by scientists releasing energy standards needed to avoid the worst effect of climate change. 

Clean Energy in Arizona

“By committing to clean energy targets by 2030 and 2050, APS is demonstrating that it has a long-term vision for a cleaner and healthier Arizona. This is an important step in the right direction, but APS must also show that energy efficiency is a big part of its commitment,” said Ellen Zuckerman, Arizona Representative with the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. “Energy efficiency must be prioritized as the next step because the right efficiency plan will cut waste, save consumers money, make our homes more comfortable, and make Arizona businesses more profitable.”

🌱 So proud to see more renewable energy in Arizona! 🌍 

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